“Acorn”  #7-16                     5.5” diam. x 6″

My childhood (1930’s – 40’s) was spent growing up in the beautiful woods of North Florida.  Beginning at age six, evenings found me creating pencil drawings and soap carvings of the animals I encountered during my daily walks.  The “Acorn” piece reflects my stylized version of a water oak acorn.

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“Pebbles” #11-14            11.25” diam. x 5.25″

During family vacations to the Great Smokey Mountains, I often wade in the cold water of the mountain streams and admire the smooth pebbles covering the stream bed.  This piece reflects those images.

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“Mar” #15-14 25” diam. x 8″

Wading in the surf is a life long indulgence that I still engage in. As I waded in the ocean’s edge one afternoon, I noticed the unique, irregular patterns of ocean foam. This led me to carve the forms that are presented on the surface of the Mar series.

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“Natural” #2-15 5” diam. x 8.75″

It is my opinion that simplicity in the execution of a work is the most difficult challenge of all.  The “Natural” piece was created with this principle in mind.  Hopefully the intent in this work was achieved through the simplicity of form and the black polished surface.

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“Leaves” #29-10       10.75” diam. x 13.5″

While working in my studio one day, I noticed sunlight shining through the lovely leaves of an Aglonema plant.  I immediately laid the base of a new work in which I carved my rendition of these beautiful leaves.

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“Olla” #4-12 14” diam. x 14″

One day Worley saw an image of a lovely Native American woman walking through the forest with an “Olla” balanced atop her head.  Within three weeks he had produced his own version of the “Olla”, which is the Spanish word for “earthenware vessel.”

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“Poseidon” #1-14     13.5” diam. x 15″

This piece reflects one of the most powerful and primitive of the Greek gods.  My love of stories concerning the Greek gods was nurtured by an archaeological professor from Ohio State University who visited my studio and gallery every year when he came to Florida on vacation.  During his first visit, Professor Wilson discovered the newly completed “Crete” work. This piece was carved with bull horns in honor of the ancient Mycenaean religious, bull leaping ritual.  The professor had just returned from the Mediterranean where he visited the ruins of this ancient civilization which dated from C 1600-100 BC.  On this day he and I formed a life-long friendship while discussing Poseidon, the god of oceans and horses with water representing the infinite possibilities and dangers of life and horses representing our unconscious powers and instinctive drives.

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“Alcazar” #28-10     12” diam. x 9.5″

This piece is the only work that was inspired by architecture.  The design reflects the beautiful façade that graces a portion of the east wing of the Alcazar Hotel (The Lightner Museum) located in St. Augustine, Florida.

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“Organique” #39-08           13” diam. x 16″

Many of Worley’s designs come from walks in the natural world.  One day as Worley walked in the Plaza of downtown St. Augustine, a massive live oak tree called out to him.  He carved the organic bark pattern into his next piece.

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“Alchemy” #11-15               14″Diameter x 13

Another piece in the Alchemy series.  Long ago, alchemists were said to have the power to change common metals into gold.  Potters have the ability to change common earthenware into objects of art.

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“Maelstrom” #1-13              18.5”  diam. x 9″

This design is drawn from a maelstrom or vortex. It was inspired by Norway’s maelstroms, which are formed in its fiords and are perfect examples of the earth’s enormous power.

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Estuary  #1-16, 10.5 diam x 5.75

 This design came to me during a flight over a salt marsh near Amelia Island.  The surface carving represents the meandering estuaries in the marshes.

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“Alchemy” #12-15    6.5” diam. x 23.75″

The Zen Master says that all art exists in the unconscious before the artist is aware of its existence.  Through reflection and meditation, the artist attempts to retrieve the work from the unconscious into the everyday world.   When this retrieval is successful, the result is a work of Art that touches all who see it.

This process was never truer than when Worley’s “Alchemy” was completed.  This work required months of quiet meditation to acquire the abstract forms carved into the surface of the wet clay.  The resulting sequence of symbols almost appears to be a language from the other side.

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“Endless Beginnings” #10-16″

This is a very unique piece. Currently it is unfired. Purchasing would allow you to have input on the final processing of this one of a kind piece!

This work requires all of the components that I bring to hand-built pottery, i.e., large size, texture, carved openings, and burnishing (polishing).  Pieces in the “Endless Beginnings” series are always large and textured using a piece of Bahamian coral and a black walnut from Virginia. The pieces have several open, carved areas (structurally very dangerous until fired), with burnishing around these areas for enhancement.

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“Ancient Shadows” #13-13            20.5” diam. x 9.75″

This piece was fired four times — twice in an electric kiln and twice in an outdoor fire pit in order to achieve the unique surface patina.  This process was used in an effort to duplicate the glorious coloration found on the ancient cave walls in Lascaux, France, where people of the Aurignacian era (C 30,000 BC) created exquisite paintings of animals.

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Visions #6-15, 8.75 diam x 5.50

 These unique designs are the result of deep meditation sessions.

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  Organique #35-08,  16”dia x 10.5

This is one of the Organique series that was inspired during a trip to the Dominican Republic.  The palm trees on the island have a unique bark pattern which I replicated on the vessel.